It is Springtime. You need some new tunes.

16- Haim - Falling - I am such a unbelievable sucker for this Debbie Gibson stuff. What do you think the first word of this song is?  I think it’s HALLVOLAH.

15 - Waxahatchee - You’d think it would get boring grooving to bands like this but it truly doesn’t.  This is probably what Discount would have turned into sooner or later.

14 - Youth Lagoon - Mute - You already know what it is.

13- Disclosure - White Noise - State of contemporary dance music got you all down n’shit? Why? There is so much great stuff to dance to.

12 - Miracles of Modern Science - Dear Pressure - My pick for the 2013 Gotye-esque-out-of-nowhere-superhit because the song has that kind of teen TV show soundtrack potential.  Y’all need to revisit the July Jams post because I def. had the jump on Baauer. And this band’s album is called MEEMS. I CAN’T LOSE. 

11 - Scanners - Control - Something to do while you lament the disappointing Icona Pop output.

10 - Gold Panda - I like the bass on this. Does anyone have a bass isolation for James Brown’s, “I Feel Good”? It is bassically my favorite bass.

9 - They Might Be Giants - 9 Secret Steps - This song made more sense after reading Going Clear and seeing The Master.  Also when a band’s been around this long and they still creative vibrant, exciting things it really reduces my anxiety of becoming a boring jobber.

8 - The Men - I Saw Her Face - You also already know what it is on this one!

7 - Electric Guest - This Head I Hold - Assuming it hasn’t already happened, someone is going to use this song to sell you a car or a credit card or iPhone or chicken wings or shampoo or gum.  Try to get in now before the marketing drenches you with shame.

6 - Quadron - Hey Love - Maybe the most immediately disposable song on this list which makes it perfect for spring. Let’s face it…Summer Jams are coming. This whole thing is just an appetizer for whatever monstrosity awaits us in Mid-July.  BUT, @41 seconds when the piano comes in you’re gonna feel like it’s 9PM and still sunny.

5 - Bleached - Next Stop - The Wavves, Kurt Vile, King Tuff, FIDLAR garage punk phase hits its peak right here. Ride it hard right now. #RIHRN

4 - Little Green Cars - Harper Lee - This is another one with all the makings of HUGE HIT.  And yeah, I can see this chorus selling you pizzas by June.  Music Marketing. Cross Branding. Synergy69.

3 - California X - Sucker - Like that hot new garage rock sound? Like that dank? The jean jacket on the record cover says just about everything.

2 - Terry Allen - Four Corners - I don’t think it is fair to just cram this list with up up up up. So here is a small downer full of strange outlaw insight.  The goodest stuff there is is the stuff I can’t possible expect.

1- Generationals - You Got Me - The next list I work on is going to be 15 or 20 tracks we can all enjoy while we wait by the phone for Vampire Weekend to call us.  This could easily make that list.  And also as an audio metaphor this thing works because you just keep waiting for it to blow up which is exactly what I am waiting for Spring to do right now.